Mists Of Pandaria Secrets

Every two years, Blizzard bestows upon us an expansion to the greatest MMORPG on the planet. We receive endless updates, months of anticipation and days of prognosticating all for that one magical moment when the servers reset, and the game is changed forever.

But, three days in, after power leveling through all the new content, checking out a dozen new dungeons and failing to sleep more than a few hours, you realize something... you’re flat broke.

You've spent too much gold leveling "the new profession", buying out mats at ridiculous prices on the Auction House. Or because Blizzard just came out with a new gold sink, this certain epic mount for xx,xxx gold.

All that time before the expansion and what were you doing? Reading blog posts, watching videos, talking on forums, and rerunning old raids?

Not this time.

Mists of Pandaria Secrets is every budding Panda's wet dream - a legendary gamer's quest to compile the latest and greatest tips and strategies to dominating the upcoming expansion and it's creator Hubert Richardson sent me a personal invite to the Members Area for a quick look-see....

My Thoughts....

By any standard, this project is MASSIVE and Hubert assures me that even more content will be put up once Mists of Pandaria is launched and the content starts trickling in.

Bear in mind that MoP Secrets is currently at it's infancy stage - many aspects of the game cannot be dealt with in it's entirety- but Hubert is doing a great job of preparing novice and advanced players alike for the inevitable launch in 4 days time.

Presentation-wise, the writing style is accessible and easy to read with vivid pictures and a clean and crisp user interface. Navigating through the Members Area was a breeze.

At the end of the day, no amount of showboating about your countless achievements in the game can compensate for the lack of substance or a failure to convey your knowledge to your target audience.

I don't care if you are teaching someone about the finer points of Auction House strategy or the little tweaks that can expedite the leveling process. The content has to be cutting-edge, accessible and practical.

In this regard, MoP Secrets is a true revelation. Hubert is zealously focused on taking the tactics and strategies that made him one of the best players in Cataclysm and making sure that it remains relevant post-Mists of Pandaria.

I tried really hard but ultimately I couldn't find anything I could realistically disagree with and actually learned a thing or two myself. As a long-time player who has been playing ever since Burning Crusade, I believe that speaks volumes about the guide.


I don't usually write guide reviews  - who wants to spend more money when they pay a monthly fee already - but for the sheer amount of time you save and the understanding of the game you will gain, you could do a lot worse than giving this guide a look-see.

For a limited time only, Hubert  is opening the doors to the his Mists of Pandaria Secrets guide for a special discounted price. He assures me that there will be more content put up in the Members Area in the coming weeks/months/year whenever Blizzard releases new content.

Interested? Check it out

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